Earthquake in Italy, don't leave them alone



A pre-dawn earthquake has devastated a string of old towns and villages across central Italy, on Wednesday. At least 240 have died and even more have been injured. Many were children. Rescue efforts are under way to find people trapped under the rubble. 

In solidarity with the local communities, we're raising funds that we'll deliver to the mayors of the towns and villages most affected. We believe they are the ones who know better the places and their communities. They will tell us how they are going to use those funds. Please donate now, by credit card or PayPal.

“Much of the village has disappeared. The aim now is to save as many lives as possible” the mayor of Amatrice, Sergio Pirozzi, told reporters. Mr Pirozzi and other mayors asked the government and the Italian people “please, do not leave us alone”.

This is what has happened after the 2009 earthquake of L'Aquila, just a few miles away, along the Apennines, under the Berlusconi government. After several years, L'Aquila is still to be rebuilt.

Progressi is working with a group of specialists to launch a new campaign demanding a serious plan and real investments in risk reduction that could save lives. The Apennines, all along central Italy, are a seismic zone and even if you cannot foresee quakes you can still prevent damages and deaths.