Italian Americans, please don't vote for Trump!





We are Italian citizens and very worried about Donald Trump running in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

Trump's isolationist foreign policy is a threat to the good relations with Europe in general and with Italy in particular.

Just think about his views on immigration. 

None of our fathers and grandfathers who migrated to the U.S. could have entered the country with a president like him.

America would be much less accessible also for the many Italians who today go and live, study, work and invest overseas.

The protectionist trade policy that Trump promises would not hurt only Americans, but Italian economy as well.

The billionaire's agenda contradicts the achievements of Western democratic countries since World War II, from progress in human rights and social justice to environmental sustainability. The United States and Italy have been proud leaders of those achievements.

In Italy, those who support Trump are just a few far right wing politicians, heir of fascism, xenophobic opponents to the European union, keen on the same cultural and economic isolation Trump promotes.

For all these reasons, we ask Italian descendants, both Democrats and Republicans: “Do not vote for Donald Trump at U.S. Presidential Election in November 2016.”

If you care about America and Italy, please help us to maintain the good relationship that our two countries have built in more than a century.


Signatures will be delivered to the most representative associations of Italian American communities - National Italian American Foundation (NIAF), Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA) e National Organization of Italian American Women (NOIAW) -before the Presidential Elections in November 2016. There are over 20million Italian descendants in the United States.